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Just reading this 2 months after you publication, David... perhaps I should have waited till 3! But enjoyed very much, as like everyone, I muddle through my own triads! Thank you.

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This is brilliant, David! Love watching the videos... the last one where you put it together moved me...

I’ve been working with a friend who is a master jazz musician and sound healer who recommended a similar exploration to help me shift a tone up and down which corresponded to a deep emotional block... it’s been powerful, gradual and actually joyful to go up and down in the scale and feel my range of freedom expanding.

As a family therapist, I see this dynamic all the time between family members... making slight shifts in the dance... everyone adjusting just a little bit at a time ends up creating massive and lasting change over time...

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Great stuff. Liked this one a lot.

Fine art has tetrads which is the same concept.

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